The tests that we use can cover anything from 50–200 food proteins, and measure food specific IgG reactions in the blood,which is recognised as the most reliable wayto identify foods that may be causing a problem.


Due to the number and types of tests available dependent on your particular circumstances we cannot give exact prices.

Therefore please ring us on 01564 770802 so that we may discuss your situation and advise on the most suitable test for your needs and the price.


The procedure is to place your blood sample in a diluent that is put in a tray containing the different food proteins, after a period further solutions of antibody detector and developers are added to show any proteins were there has been a reaction.

The tests that we use are C.E. Marked in accordance with the In Vitro Diagnostics Devices Directive 98/79EC and the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEc.